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    Car Accident Lawyer &
    Auto Injury Attorney

    Being Involved in an Automobile, Truck, Bicycle, or Motorcycle Accident is a Traumatic Experience. Attorney Hines will Provide You the Personal Attention You Deserve to Navigate the Insurance Claim.

    A car accident can be a scary and traumatic experience. Attorney Hines represents victims hurt in auto accidents who have suffered losses due to the negligence of others. With his resources and skills, he will actively fight for your rights and fight to obtain the compensation to which you deserve and are entitled.

    • Bodily Injury
    • Property damage disputes
    • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist
    • Property Damage Disputes
    • Uber and Lyft Accidents
    • Motorcycle, Trucking, Bicycle, and Watercraft Accidents

    Auto Accident Representation

    Orlando is one of the most visited locations in the world. It is a major center for tourism and theme parks with Disney and Universal Studios as the big attractions. With the large number of visitors from all around the United States and the world (including a heavy presence of guests from Latin America and the Caribbean) coupled with the constant rain and weather, Central Florida and Orlando are hot beds for auto accidents.

    Additionally, the Orlando area relies heavily on ride share companies such as Uber and Lyft for transportation needs. Unfortunately, many drivers become involved in an accident where an Uber driver or Lyft driver are at fault. Likewise, many drivers unfortunately do not carry insurance or are heavily underinsured in Central Florida and Orlando.

    As a result, many involved in an auto accident are faced with very small bodily injury insurance coverage limits which are typically insufficient to make them whole and fully pay for their damages and injuries.

    In Florida, each driver is required to carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP) which is a no-fault coverage that will pay your doctors for medical bills and/or some of your lost wages. Another coverage that is available but not mandatory is your Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (UM) insurance coverage. UM is designed to pay for your for injuries, medical bills, and lost wages should the at fault driver not carry insurance at all or have low bodily injury limits which are insufficient to cover your damages and injuries. Contact Attorney Hines at Hines Law PLLC immediately after an accident. Also remember, in Florida, you must seek treatment within 14 days of your accident to receive PIP benefits.


    Contract Review &
    Service Agreement Drafting

    Attorney Hines provides the experience and background to guide you through the legalese and make contracts less intimidating.

    Attorney Hines is available to assist you with all of your contract review and contract drafting needs. Whether your business requires legal counsel for service contracts, product contracts, employment agreements or other miscellaneous contracts, Attorney Hines is your always available local attorney.

    • Employment Agreement Review and Drafting
    • Non-Compete Agreement Review and Drafting
    • Business Service Agreements and Contracts
    • Dental, Medical, Veterinarian, Acupuncturist Agreements and Contracts
    • Independent Contractor Agreement Review and Drafting

    Employment Agreement & Contract Services

    Non-compete agreements are governed by state law and generally enforced here in Florida. When it comes to the medical field, non-compete agreements with doctors and other medical field professionals are more scrutinized than other professions or jobs. Attorney Hines has direct experience reviewing, drafting, and negotiating various non-compete agreements, employment agreements, and services contracts for doctors, dentists, veterinarians, and acupuncturist here in Florida.

    Not all contract terms are created equal. When it comes to a non-compete restrictive period or geographic limit, you need an experienced attorney that knows Florida case law to assist with the document review and drafting.

    Often times, employers in the medical or dental profession require new graduates to enter into employment contracts with non-solicitation, non-compete, and non-disclosure clauses. A contract term could cause major problems from a career perspective if it is not addressed and modified before signing. You need an attorney that can thoroughly review the agreement to inform you of the pitfalls and give you proper guidance on whether you should ask for new terms.

    Other contracts such as a separation agreement or settlement agreement for ending employment require careful review and drafting. Do not proceed without legal input as some terms found in separation agreements and settlement agreements may be completely unenforceable. Contact Hines Law PLLC today. We respond promptly to all email messages.

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